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String of Lights

A string of lights is a simple, basic holiday decoration. They are so versatile, though. Use a string of lights around a banister or stair railing for a fun look in your home. Use them to light your Christmas tree or a wreath. You can even use these holiday classics to decorate the windows and outdoor areas of your home.


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String of Lights




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Multi colored Christmas lights
For a traditional, fun holiday look try MULTI COLORED CHRISTMAS LIGHTS. Our MULTI COLORED CHRISTMAS LIGHTS look terrific outlining your house or accenting your bushes and shrubs. You will find a million ways to utilize MULTI COLORED CHRISTMAS LIGHTS this year and in years to come. Visit our store for the best in MULTI COLORED CHRISTMAS LIGHTS.

White Christmas lights
Traditional Christmas beauty begins with a solid base. Adorning your home with WHITE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS is the perfect way to start your holiday decorating. WHITE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS can be the first step in a simple trimming scheme outlining your home and finishing it off with a simple red bow on your front door. For a more elaborate holiday treat outline your home with WHITE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS add a Santa and his reindeer on the roof top, line your pathway with plastic candy canes or tiny fake lighted Christmas trees and you are on your way to having the most festive home on the block!

Clear rope lights
CLEAR ROPE LIGHTS are a great way to trim your holiday home! We carry a large stock of the ever popular CLEAR ROPE LIGHTS. CLEAR ROPE LIGHTS are great because they are neutral enough to dress up with more decorations and classic enough to stand on their own! You will love your home this season decked out with CLEAR ROPE LIGHTS.

Holiday Lights
What would the holiday season be without holiday lights? These festive decorations brighten up the cold winter nights and are a fun sight to see. Driving around to look at them is an enjoyable family activity and is a good way to ring in the season. Holiday lights come in many different styles and color schemes.

Outdoor Holiday Lights
Outdoor holiday lights are as much fun for those that decorate with them as they are for their neighbors. Everyone likes to look at festive light displays. They bring a cheerful sense of childhood glee. With all of the different types of lights available today, you can be as creative as ever with your display.

Discount Lights
The holidays are an expensive time of year for most. Between dinner parties and gifts, many of us spend much more money at this time of year than at any other time. It’s nice when you can save a little money here and there. Discount lights will allow you to decorate for all of the holiday celebrations without having to sacrifice the rest of the fun that this time of year is known for.

Discount Christmas Lights
Decorating for the holidays doesn’t have to break the bank. Discount Christmas lights will help you to achieve the look you desire without sacrificing anything but the price. After all, you have plenty of other things to spend your money on at this time of year. Save money on your decorations and you can use it on all of the fun stuff that goes under the tree.


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