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Novelty Christmas Lights

There are novelty Christmas lights to fit every personality. From lighted American flag decorations for the patriotic to lighted animal figurines for pet lovers. These festive lights allow you to decorate with a theme. If you are the eclectic type, you can even mix and match your décor with a little bit of everything.


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String of Lights
A string of lights is a simple, basic holiday decoration. They are so versatile, though. Use a string of lights around a banister or stair railing for a fun look in your home. Use them to light your Christmas tree or a wreath. You can even use these holiday classics to decorate the windows and outdoor areas of your home.

Cool Christmas Lights
There are many cool Christmas lights available today. Rope lights and icicle lights have been very popular for the last few years. String lights can add a festive look while really showing off your personality. When it comes to the holidays, the more light the better.

Outdoor Icicle Lights
Outdoor icicle lights add a look of the winter to your home, even if it doesn’t snow where you live. These elegant lights have been a big hit the last few years. They can be seen on the outside of homes in every neighborhood. They look especially great with a simple but classic holiday decorating theme. For example, a winter scene with a couple of lighted deer grazing on your lawn looks great with icicle lights.

Pre-lit Christmas Trees
Pre-lit Christmas trees offer you all the splendor of traditional holiday decorations without the burden. Stringing the lights on the Christmas tree is a dreaded task for many people. It takes a lot of time and patience. Getting them to look just right is a craft of precision. You can make decorating easier and more fun by purchasing a tree that already has the lights on it.

Christmas Rope Lights
Whether you like red, green, white or a combination of holiday colors, Christmas rope lights are a great way to add color to your décor. These festive lights are flexible making them easy to use in any place that you choose. They look great wrapped around a post or stair rail. You can find chasing rope lights as well as steady ones.

Flickering Christmas Lights
Flickering Christmas lights add a fun, whimsical look to your holiday decorating. Kids especially love them and are fascinated with the glow and movement of them. These cheerful lights look great strung on a Christmas tree or wrapped into a holiday wreath. They usually have a box attached to them that allows you to control the speed of their flickering.

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