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Theme Lights

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If you are the type that likes to stand out from the crowd, then you probably like to decorate in a unique way as well. Theme lights offer a great opportunity to do something different. Whether you use them as a part of your holiday décor, for a fun gathering or as a part of your everyday decorations, these fun and funky lights are sure to please everyone.

There are many different types of theme lights available. Almost anything that you can imagine or want is available. From hearts and stars to Santa faces and stockings. You can usually find them at specialty lighting stores. Most theme lights are made of plastic, but you can find them made of other high quality materials as well. They typically have about 10 lights per sting with 12-24 inches between each light. Many of them are designed to be used indoors or outdoors, but some of the delicate lights can only be used indoors. The packages will usually specify where they can be used. These unique lights usually sell for $10 - $20.

For a classic look that looks great all year round, you might use something like a Tiffany inspired string of flower globe lights. These would look fabulous strung around a mantle or even a curtain rod. You might use them as part of a centerpiece or even for an outdoor decoration. They would add a lovely glow to your patio for an evening get together. There are several different designs available with various colors and flower types to match any décor.

Of course, there may be times when you want something that is specific to a particular occasion. Thanksgiving, for example, is a time of festive gathering. You can decorate your home in a fun fashion with turkey lights. These funky lights are definitely unique. They will add charisma to your dinner table and holiday charm to your front patio. For a funky way to say, “gobble-gobble”, you could use these lights to decorate a serving buffet filled with your holiday feast.

If you like more of classic look for your dining experience, you should consider using a flicker flame light set. These types of lights give you a candle flame effect without the danger and hassle of real candles. They are designed for indoor use only, but add a romantic glow to your dining experience. Line them up along a dining table for a spectacular look and feel or hang them from a chandelier or other lighting fixture. They are sure to be a hit and everyone will want to know where you got them.

Theme lights are a wonderful way to show off a quirky personality or add pizzazz to your décor. They come in many holiday themes as well as themes for general use. No matter how you use them, they are sure to garner lots of attention!


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