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Testing Outdoor Christmas Lights

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If you have ever gone through the work of planning and putting up a strategic array of Christmas lights, only to find that half the strands don’t light up for some reason, you know the value of testing outdoor Christmas lights!

This is an important step to take between purchasing the lights (or pulling them out of last year’s storage) and actually installing them. Always go strand by strand when testing outdoor Christmas lights, so you know that each one works.

First of all, inspect the wiring for damage to the insulation or the wire itself. Keep an eye out for smashed light sockets. The whole strand won’t light if one bulb is separated from its socket.

Plug each strand individually into an outlet to make sure it lights.

If any bulbs don’t light up, replace them. Each set of lights should come with a couple replacement bulbs.

Check to see that all bulbs are firmly tightened into their sockets. This gives you better chances of your display staying lit through the whole season!

If any damage has occurred to your lights and cords, discard them and procure some new ones. This is an important part of the reason you are testing outdoor Christmas lights. Aside from the convenience of knowing your lights will successfully twinkle, it’s a safety issue! Saving a few bucks is not worth the fire hazard you are risking your family and home with. Luckily it is not that expensive these days to pick up a new strand. You will be doing yourself and others a favor by acting on the results of testing outdoor Christmas lights!

Make sure you use the right connectors between lights. Most sets will include the necessary connectors in the packaging, but if you end up needing more buy the same model.

You can lower the fire hazard and keep your Christmas lights in good shape by wrapping electrical tape around each wire connection. Anytime you plug anything together other than into the outlet, use the electrical tape to protect the wire from outdoor elements!

After any sort of experience with Christmas lights, you will know the necessity of testing outdoor Christmas lights. For both newly purchased and old strands, take the few minutes to go through the process, and you will eliminate some possible hassles from your holidays!



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