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Specialty Lights

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Some lighting needs cannot be met with a typical light bulb. Decorative lighting is only one example of the need for a special type of light. Other lighting needs that require specialty lights include greenhouses, light therapy and aquariums. There are special bulbs and fixtures for these types of lighting needs. They generally produce lights with higher or lower frequencies as well as higher or lower temperatures. Specialty lights can be purchased at specialty lighting stores or stores that specialize in your specific need.

Aquariums require a special type of bulb or lamp to give them light. The lights used in an aquarium are designed for the unique environment that is stored inside. They should give off a light that highlights the natural beauty and colors of aquatic life. If something other than aquatic life, a snake for example, is contained in the aquarium, the light should give off the appropriate heat. You should use one lamp for every 24 square inches in the tank.

Grow lights are another type of specialty light. They are high output fluorescent lights designed to be used in greenhouses. There are various types of lights for this purpose. 6500 degree cool lights are ideal for plant growth or seedlings. 3000 degree warm lights are the perfect choice for fruit and flowering purposes. There are also mix lamps which offer a full spectrum effect. The best lights for greenhouses should be lightweight and easy to hang. They should also have a low heat factor which will allow you to hang them closer to the plant canopy. This will raise the light factor and give you the most benefit for each light.

Light therapy lamps are designed to be of service to those who are afflicted with Seasonal Affective Disorder. This ailment is also referred to as the winter blues, winter depression or seasonal depression. People who suffer from this malady need the nutrients produced form the rays of the sun in order to maintain balance in their emotional health. These are full spectrum lights and vary widely in quality and price. Some of them require the user to sit within 2 feet of the lamp for 30 minutes to 2 hours at a time. Others require that the user merely be in the same room. There are also models that are designed to be ultra quiet. High end models can cost hundreds of dollars.

Lights are a major part of our life. We use them everyday for general and decorative purposes as well as special uses. Specialty lights are designed for specific uses and can be purchased from lighting specialists. You can also find specialty holiday lights at these lighting stores. They include icicle, net and globe lights among many other types sure to meet your special needs.


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