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How to Replace Bulbs on Christmas Lights

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There are only a few steps in changing a bulb in Christmas lights, but those few can be time-consuming and irritating, as anyone who has ever done so knows. The first, and most important, step in changing a bulb is to find the offending bulb. With some lights this is more difficult than with others.

This is because of the way lights are made. Some lights have wiring in them that run in sequence, meaning that the bulbs run off the previous bulb and those before it. Therefore, when any bulb goes out, the rest of the bulbs on the strand will go out as well. This can make finding the bad bulb nearly impossible.

Lights that have wiring that is run parallel do not work quite the same. Instead of relying on one circuit of electricity, they have more than this. If one bulb burns out or is removed, the rest of the lights will still work.

There are some more expensive lights that will blink or cut off only after the point of the bad bulb. If this occurs, it will make your job of finding the bad bulb much easier than on a strand that has no lights working at all.

If you have a strand of lights that won’t come on at all, you should search to see if there is a bulb missing. If you do have one missing, that is most likely the offending bulb. If there isn’t one missing, you will have to go through looking at all the bulbs. If you can find any that appear to have a broken connection inside, it might be the bulb you are looking for. If you can’t find a bulb that appears to be causing the problem, the only answer is to plug the lights up and replace the bulbs one by one until you find the one you are looking for.

If your lights have a parallel system, you won’t have to go through all of this. You will merely have to look through the strand to find bulbs that are obviously not lit up and replace those.

You do not have to unplug Christmas lights to be able to replace the bulbs. They are made to be safe while doing this. If you have a hard time finding the proper bulbs and begin to get frustrated, you may want to consider getting new lights for the tree and house. If you can afford to splurge on lights that run parallel instead of in series, this may even be the last year you ever have to search for burned out bulbs.


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