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Real vs. Artificial Christmas Trees

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Real vs. Artificial Christmas TreesO Christmas tree, O Christmas tree! How lovely are thy branches!

As the holiday season draws nigh, families encounter an annual decision of real vs. artificial Christmas trees. Should we break down this year, and buy an artificial one? Or keep the tradition of bringing a live, prickly, piney Christmas tree that fills the house with holiday scents and cheer? Can the same Christmas atmosphere be procured from an artificial tree?

Well, it is true, the debate over real vs. artificial Christmas trees raises many questions and has varying answers, depending on your own values and desires. As you are decorating your household for the Christmas season, think about these issues that pertain to real vs. artificial Christmas trees.

Artificial Christmas trees


· No dried, prickly needles to sweep up o off the floor and carpet every day!

· A one-time purchase. Somewhat expensive, but you only have to pay once for an artificial tree!

· Cleanup after Christmas is much easier, as well. Just pack up the tree and put it into your storage area, rather than taking off all the lights and ornaments and finding a local dump.

· Can be bought after the season, for the discount sales. Will last til next year and many after!

· Greater decorating variety. You can have pink, lit needles if you want!


· Environmentally, it is actually better to have a real one. Can decompose afterwards, whereas plastics stay around and clutter the earth.

· Can be difficult to rearrange after storage or when purchased. Takes time (hours) to pull out each branch and set it out.

· No pine scent to fill the house with holiday spirit!· Very costly. Very few artificial trees are less than a hundred dollars, depending on the size.

· Artificial trees give off toxic fumes if burned.

Real Christmas Trees

· A nice, fresh piney scent fills your house! An aroma that Christmas is known for!

· Three seedlings are planted for each tree cut down on Christmas tree farms.

· Tree plots are environmentally beneficial. Each acre produces the daily oxygen needs of 18 people.

· Most neighborhoods allow trees to be put on the curb, to be picked up and disposed of without troubling you!


· Has to be watered to keep its fresh scent and appearance.

· The needles that fall off (and the less you water, the more needles will fall), get stuck in the carpet and is spread throughout the house.

· Most have to be trimmed to fit well in your house and for the branches to appear even.

· Can be a fire hazard if you let it dry out.

In regards to this annual decision, there are some misconceptions about the environmental benefits of artificial trees. Many people believe that by putting up a plastic tree each new season, they are helping to save forests of evergreens. However, there are hardly any fresh Christmas

So, purchasing a pre-cut tree or going to a cut-your-own lot poses no harm to the environment. There are a couple things that you’ll need to do though, to maintain the health of the tree and the safety of everyone in the household. First of all, when you bring the fresh tree home, cut an inch off the base of its trunk to open a fresh grain that will take in water. Place the tree in a bucket of warm water, either in a garage or shed, away from the wind and cold. Allow it to soak until you bring the tree indoors.

In whichever room you choose to display this beautiful, pine-smelling tree, make sure that it has a sturdy stand which holds plenty of water and will keep the tree from falling over. Consistent watering will keep the tree from drying out and dropping its needles, and maintains the fragrance. Check the water level often, making sure the base of the tree is always covered.

While you are trimming the tree’s branches to suit your aesthetic taste, make sure to trim the lower branches sufficiently as to avoid eye injuries to small children. Make sure to hang lights before anything else. And also, hang the breakable ornaments or those that look like treats, higher on the tree so that the little ones can’t reach them.

If you are buying a real Christmas tree this season, you can be assured of the joy and festive spirit it will bring to your household!

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