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Prolonging the Life of Your Christmas Tree

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In order to keep needles from drying out and scattering across the floor, as the branches become brittle, you will want to keep your Christmas tree as fresh as possible. Prolonging the life of your Christmas tree will keep the scenery festive and the cleanup easier!

Many people prefer to have a fresh, real Christmas tree each year, as a tradition and fragrant addition to the holiday atmosphere. And by prolonging the life of your Christmas tree, the joy of having one will be enhanced! A fresh tree that is taken care of can last up to 5 weeks in your home. Some species can actually last longer than 5 weeks, but of course they require consistent watering.

Prolonging the life of your Christmas tree is quite simple. Here are a few tips on how to successfully do so.

1. Before you set up the tree, cut another inch off the bottom of the trunk. You only need to do this if the tree has been left out for more than 4 hours after having been cut down. It will improve water uptake, by creating a fresh grain.
2. Put the tree into a stand that holds at least a gallon of water. The tree will take up more water, so continue to refill it. Make sure that the base is always submerged, because otherwise resin will form over the end and it will no longer soak up water.
3. Make watering easy on yourself by using a tube and funnel. Connect the tubing to the end of the funnel, place the other end of the tubing into the watering stand, and place them somewhere unobservable in the branches, but easy to access. This way you don’t need to bend down or mess up the tree skirt every time you water.
4. Keep a watering can by the tree, if you think you might forget to water it.
5. Plain tap water will be fine. You do not have to mix in commercially marketed enhancers or aspirin, sugar and any other substances that are supposed to help. Prolonging the life of your Christmas tree will be done successfully with water straight from the faucet.
6. Check your lights for wires that are worn. Always turn the lights off at night.


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