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Premium Mini-Lights vs. Standard Mini-Lights

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Premium Mini-Lights vs. Standard Mini-LightsYou might think that decorating with holiday lights is a simple task. You may even believe that the most difficult part of decorating is putting the lights up. If that is your line of thinking, you are sure to change your mind as soon as you get to the store where you will purchase these lights. There is bound to be a whole entire aisle devoted to these seemingly simple decorations. And that is only if you shop at a department or discount store. If you choose to shop at a hardware store or a specialty lighting store, you will be bombarded by even more choices. “How difficult could this be”, you might ask. But there are various types of holiday lights to choose from and several designs within each of these types. Mini lights are probably the most popular lights each year. They are very versatile and can be used indoors or outdoors and in several different situations. When it comes to mini lights, you can choose between premium and standard. Knowing the differences between premium min-lights vs. standard mini-lights will help you to narrow your choices.

At first thought you might choose premium lights thinking that they are better. That would be until you look at their price tag. Premium lights are quite a bit more expensive than the standard option. They are sold in larger lots and that accounts for part of the price difference. They also last longer, which helps to justify the higher price as well. Premium lights are manufactured under strict quality control procedures which help to ensure that the lights will stay lit even under the harshest conditions. It is for this reason that many professionals use them on commercial buildings. These bright and durable lights are often used for municipal lighting displays as well.

Premium mini-lights tend to have a stronger UV rating, making them brighter than standard lights. They are ideal for places where there is a lot of other light to compete with. Professionals love to use them to draw attention to their business, but homeowners who seek the brightest holiday decorations love them equally. You can also connect more premium strings end to end than you can with standard lights. This makes them especially ideal for outdoor lighting. Other benefits of premium lights are that they use 80 – 90% less electricity and they produce a minimal amount of heat making them very safe.

Even with all of the advantages of premium lighting, you may still decide that standard mini lights are appropriate for you. They are much more affordable and are sold in smaller amounts. Standard lights are bright enough for all of your indoor decorations and often for your outdoor decorations as well. They are easier to replace when they wear out or you tire of their style. If you like to change your décor regularly, standard lights are well suited to you. You can easily rearrange them or discard them.

Holiday décor calls for lights, lots of them. Fortunately there are lots and lots of them available, making choosing some a difficult task. Knowing the differences between premium mini-lights vs. standard mini-lights can at least narrow down your options. Your next step is to choose a style, such as white or multi-colored and steady or blinking. Good luck!


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