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Party Lights

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If you’ve ever been to a party with a twinkling, blinking, flashing or twirling array of party lights, you know it rocks! People love to perk up the atmosphere with plenty of party lights, whether along the walls, tables, in your drink glass or on your own body. It’s amazing what just a few party lights will do.

Both the guests that drop by and the host of the party can improve the scene with party lights. Here are some popular ideas that have been known to bring great party success!

  • Mini lights shaped in an awesome design that fits the theme of the party. For example, palm trees, flamingos, beer mugs, cactus, Christmas tree, Santa, birthday cake, etc.
  • Strobe lights. Even a mini strobe can add some spice to a small apartment party!
  • Black light bulbs. There’s nothing more awesome to walk in the door and see little glimmers of white glowing on everyone. Black light creates the perfect atmosphere for fun times.
  • Light sticks. It used to be that these were a special, but temporary treat. Kids and adults alike love to wave around their light stick necklaces and bracelets! People used the freezer to hopefully make the glow last a little longer. Today you can find battery operated and permanently glowing party lights. Great for the fairgrounds, the 4th of July or New Year’s, as well as any indoor party.
  • Colored and lighted ice cubes! Check out any party lights store for these awesome accessories. Plop them in a glass to cool your drink, throw a few in the pool or hot tub to “decorate” the water, and put a bunch in the punch bowl! Reusable and always a great hit as small party lights.
  • Flashing light fans are great little party lights for getting’ jiggy with it out on the dance floor! A neat attraction and a great way to cool yourself and the person close to you.
  • If this is a holiday party, then you already know about the gazillion ideas there are to decorate your house for a festive gathering. Indoor, Christmas party lights are carried by almost all stores by the end of November. You can purchase colored party lights, icicles, Christmas tree party lights, and much more.
  • Battery operated candles. Candles give a great, soothing atmosphere, especially for relaxed gatherings. But, especially when a lot of people show up, you may worry about one being knocked over and the consequential fire hazard, as well as the mess wax can make on furniture and carpet! Some people love using electric or battery operated candles, which can be just as appealing, but safer.


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