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Outdoor Christmas Decorations

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Outdoor Christmas DecorationsIn this day and age, there are countless possibilities for outdoor Christmas decorations! The modern development of midwinter fires in ancient times is to have lights shining brightly on your house and yard. Luckily, the illumination is now created by electricity and not fire!

Each year, the creative, engineering types can hardly contain their excitement about putting up their outdoor Christmas decorations, on both home and office buildings. Others simply want to join in the beautiful, festive displays that twinkle from each yard of the surrounding neighborhood. Decking the yards with outdoor Christmas decorations has definitely become an American tradition, and has now spread to other countries of the world.

Here are some fun ideas for outdoor Christmas decorations:

  • Fill jars with sand and battery operated candles or another safe light source. Line the jars along your walk or driveway for a soothing and welcoming evening glow!
  • Nativity sets. Find appropriately sized nativity figures to set up in your yard. This is one of the most traditional outdoor Christmas decorations, originally put up on the property in front of churches. Now you can find many different versions, sizes and materials of nativity sets to place in your yard.
  • Wreaths! A beautiful and welcoming custom that is simple to acquire, or even make yourself! Put a Christmas wreath on your front and back doors, and enjoy the festive greenery.
  • A gift to the animals. One of the kindest outdoor Christmas decorations also incorporates a gift to the critters scavenging for food in the chill of winter. Deck one of the trees in your backyard with strings of pinecones lathered with peanut butter, cranberries, popcorn and other edible items. You can even use food coloring to add a Christmasy appearance to the peanut butter!
  • Life size Santa on the roof. Available in many stores, Santas are a trademark symbol of the giving spirit. Just be careful climbing up there to install these outdoor Christmas decorations!
  • Clear lights. A gorgeous addition to any scheme of outdoor Christmas decorations. Gives a luminous glow to your yard and accentuates the gentle beauty of this season.
  • Bells! A traditional and gorgeous seasonal icon. You can put bells on your wreath, mailbox, find mini lights in the shape of a large, ringing bell, or put up hard board shapes of bells and other symbols in your yard.
  • Spotlight. A great way to accentuate your outdoor Christmas decorations is to set up a temporary spotlight at night. These always catch the eyes of passersby!


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