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Outdoor Christmas Décor

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Outdoor Christmas DécorHoliday decorations are all about lights; lots and lots of lights. This is especially true of outdoor Christmas décor. No matter what decorations you choose, they are better when they are lit up. The more outdoor lights you have, the more attention your home will bring. We all love to look at Christmas decorations. Imagine how pleased you will be when everyone is looking at yours.

The most important and most common outdoor decoration is Christmas lights. Whether you outline the top of your home only or your entire house, you’ve got to have Christmas lights if you don’t want to be the neighborhood scrooge. You can choose from many different styles of lights. There are icicle lights, globe lights, classic large bulb lights and even net lights to cover your shrubs. If that is not enough, all of these types of lights are available in single or multi-colored as well as motionless and chasing versions.

Once you have decided on an outdoor lighting plan, you can choose which items you want to decorate with. Perhaps the easiest thing you can do is to choose a theme to base your decorative pieces on. This will make your display more attractive as well because everything will go together. Choose a theme that you can expand upon each year and your display will get better and more interesting year after year. Don’t be afraid to make some of your own decorations. This can be a fun family project and will make your display more meaningful.

One theme that you can do is a winter wonderland. There are many fun decorations available to fit this theme. Snowmen and deer are ideal. They come in many versions. Inflatable snowmen are a popular choice that is inexpensive. Acrylic snowmen and deer covered in festive lights look fabulous. You can even find animated versions of these holiday decorations. Icicle lights around the perimeter of your house would be fitting for such a theme. You can even get snowflake lights to decorate your patio. For a super bright and festive look, consider lighting all of the trees and shrubs in your yard.

Another fitting theme for the season is the Nativity. You can use figures that are pre-lit or shine a spotlight on those that are not. For an added touch you could play fitting holiday music in the background. This is an easy scene to expand upon year after year. You may, for example, begin with the Christ child along with Mary and Joseph. You might even have a stable for them. In subsequent years you could add wise men, shepherds and animals. Stars are another appropriate decoration for this theme.

Other fun themes to decorate with include city scenes, Santa’s workshop, cartoon characters and any other theme that your imagination can come up with. With a little creativity, you will find that outdoor Christmas décor is a lot of fun and creating scenes can become a beloved holiday tradition for your entire family.


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