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How To Mount Rope Lights

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How To Mount Rope LightsRope lights are an incredibly versatile way to add a soft glow to your landscape, household décor, dorm room, patio and more. If you are wondering how to mount rope lights, keep in mind that it is a simple process and is the same for all types of surfaces, indoor and outdoor.

Before installing them, choose where you want your rope lights to be mounted. It helps to measure the area first, so you know where to cut the strand of rope lights. You will see a marking about every 12 to 18 inches, indicating where you can safely cut the rope. Kitchen shears are the best tool for splicing rope lights. The few other tools you will need are either strong adhesive tape or small screws, and the mounting tracks that come in 3 foot increments or the rope light clips. The track or clips are the two standard ways to mount rope lights.

With the track, you can use the strong adhesive tape or small screws to attach it to any surface. The clips use the screws also. With the clips, it is easier to run rope lights in a design other than a straight line. But the tracks are more convenient if straight is what you are looking for. It is easy to mount the rope lights after the clips or track is secured to the wall, or whatever other surface you are attaching rope lights to. Simply push the rope light strand into the track or clips.

Do not place adhesive directly onto the rope lighting, as this may attack and ruin the pvc.

Generally, rope lights work off standard 120-volt power. There is a power connector that you plug into one end of the rope, and a six foot power cord connects into the other end of the power connector. At the end of the power cord will be a male plug that can be inserted into any standard electrical outlet. A plastic cap is used to seal off the other end.

The process of how to mount rope lights is much simpler than other types of lighting, and the soft glow that emanates from the final product is worth any trouble it may cause. Wherever you have decided to place your rope lighting, you will be satisfied with the result!


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