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Mini Christmas Lights

See our selection of Mini Christmas Lights.

Mini Christmas LightsBefore the 1970s, the typical style of Christmas lights on the market had large, colorful bulbs and generated a large amount of heat. Then mini Christmas lights were introduced, and people were able to decorate for the holidays with a smaller electricity bill and a lower safety hazard.

Low voltage mini Christmas lights are the most popular type of holiday lighting today. They produce much less heat than the old, standard 5 or 10 watt bulbs, and thus are safer for households with young children. The most common lights on a Christmas tree are also mini lights, because they have a gentler twinkle, and they don’t dry the tree out as fast. A dry Christmas tree is a definite fire hazard.

Always check whether a set of mini Christmas lights is meant for outdoor or indoor use before purchasing. Some are made to suit either environment, but you want to make sure because lights that are specified for only indoor use are not durable enough to withstand outdoor elements.

You can find mini Christmas lights that blink, flash, or are multicolored. Green, blue, red, and white are the typical colors but there are more contemporary filaments available. Mini lights are very inexpensive these days, and thus are a fun and simple enhancement of your holiday scene!

Today most strands of mini Christmas lights will not darken if a bulb burns out. But if one of the bulbs is popped from its socket, the whole strand will go out. The first models introduced were more sensitive and would break the circuit if even one bulb went out. Usually when you go to the store today, though, the sets of mini Christmas lights on the shelves contain internal shunts, to prevent that irritating problem.


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