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How to Select the Perfect Christmas Tree

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How to Select the Perfect Christmas TreeO Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum!

Christmas is coming, and the trees are being sold! This holiday, know how to select the perfect Christmas tree for your household. Just the right height to fit beneath your ceiling, the perfect width to fit snugly in your tree stand, and with just enough fullness to appear healthy and offer many places for all your ornaments!

Placement: Before procuring the perfect Christmas tree, you should decide where you want it to go in your home. Avoid any spots near a heat source, such as radiators, heating vents, fire places and sunny windows. Also, do not place a small tree on a wobbly table. Make sure the cords will run along the floor in a spot where they won’t be tripped on.

Measuring: Knowing how to select the perfect Christmas tree involves knowing what size the perfect Christmas tree would be! You should measure the area in which you want to place your new tree. Know how high your ceilings are, how tall your tree stand and your top ornament is. Use all those measurements to figure out the ideal height of your tree. Also determine the largest width of tree trunk that you can use with your stand.

Before leaving home: Take a tape measure with you to make sure you select the perfect Christmas tree with the right measurements to fit in the spot you have chosen. Bring heavy gloves with you to the tree lot of farm, so that your hands aren’t scratched as you measure and pick up the tree. An old blanket will protect your car from needles and sap. Make sure a saw is handy somewhere at home, to make a fresh cut on the base of the tree. A bucket, also, to put the tree in warm water until you can put it up in the stand.

What type of tree to choose: First of all, whatever species of Christmas tree you choose, the needles should look shiny, green and fresh, not dry or brown. You should always select a fresh Christmas tree so that it will last longer in your home for the holidays! The needles shouldn’t fall off when you pull on a branch. Depending on what look you like your Christmas tree to have, you may want to choose a type of with fuller or thinner foliage. Christmas ornaments look better when they hang straight, but because most trees today are groomed to be lush and full, hanging ornaments usually will lay at a slant. If you want your ornaments to hang straight, select a tree with more space between the branches.

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