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Halloween Lights

See our selection of Halloween Lights.

Halloween LightsThere are many types of Halloween lights to choose from for decorations. You can use traditional orange lights to decorate the outside of your home if you are interested in a basic and simple look. These are made like Christmas lights with the only difference being the color of lights. These basic orange lights are usually the cheapest of Halloween light choices, and they work great for almost any decorating area. You can place them strategically like you would Christmas lights: on the eve of your house or in trees or bushes. You can also line the inside of windows with them to add a little something extra to your Halloween decorations (doing this can also illuminate any Halloween decorations you may already have on your windows).

Another type of Halloween lights that are available are the strands that have bigger fewer lights in a certain shape. You can find these in such shapes as ghosts and bats and creepy eyeballs that look like they are suspended in midair. There are many others, as well, and you just have to find the one that suits your other Halloween décor the best. These types of lights are more expensive than the basic colored strands, though. The length is often much shorter, and there are fewer bulbs on each strand because they need more spacing. With the extra spacing and the large bulbs, however, you are better able to achieve the desired look.

These lights, especially if you choose one such as creepy eyes that are floating in midair, work great in a couple of places. While you could hang them anywhere, there are some spots that they create a more fearful look than others. For example, hanging a strand of ghost lights inside your garage windows can look creepy to people driving by. Bats or other items look good inside windows, and eyes work great when in bushes. The goal of these types of lights is to make the lights look as if they are real and suspended in midair. Halloween is all about scary and creepy things, so these lights are meant to accomplish this type of look.

To find cheap Halloween lights, buy them in the off-season. Just after Halloween is the best time to buy them to use for the next year. Almost all stores will have all Halloween lights and other decorations available at an extremely discounted price because they are clearing them out. You don’t want to buy and use too many lights, though, or it can take away from the ones that are there. If the only Halloween decoration on your whole house is a set of creepy eyes in the bushes, it creates a much more scary effect.


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