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Decorating With Rope Lights

See our selection of Rope Lights.

Enjoy the crisp twinkle and clean appearance of rope lights accenting your kitchen, patio, rooftop, or shrubbery. Decorating with rope lights is easy and rewarding; the possibilities abound for both indoor and outdoor accent lighting! Rope lights are not only a Christmas decoration, but they can be used all year long. There are few choices that offer more versatility than decorating with rope lights.

Many people love the fashionable and practical qualities of running rope lights above the cupboards in their kitchen. This is not only a beautiful addition that can do wonders for even the most drab or small room, but it also helps to guide you around the room if you don’t want the flick the brighter main switch.

Rope lights are also appropriate for wrapping around trees, outlining the brim of patio umbrellas, hugging the railing of your balcony or deck and many other applications. If you are decorating with rope lights, it is always wise to plan out where you want to use them, and measure the length that you will need. Most rolls of rope lights are 30 feet each, but you can use connectors to join up to 5 of those strands. (Generally. Make sure to read the labeling of the specific brand that you have chosen!)

Most strands will have marks indicating where it is safe to cut. Cut the rope light with kitchen shears. There are few other tools necessary for installment. Rope lights are mounted using a mounting track or mounting clips. You attach the track to whatever surface you want to light, using strong adhesive or screws. If you want to go with the clips, then simply use small screws to mount them. Then you just push the rope lighting into the track or clips, and enjoy the soft glow. Never attach an adhesive directly to the rope lighting itself.

You can find red, white and blue sets if you are decorating with rope lights for the Fourth of July. There are many contemporary colors that look great on a dance floor or dorm room. Other softer colors give a refined and stylish glimmer to your household décor. The options are endless, simply pick the look you are going for!

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