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Decorating with Colored Christmas Lights

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Some people are afraid to decorate with colored Christmas lights for fear that the look will be too gaudy. Christmas trees with too much color can often appear less attractive than trees that have more basic white lights on them. But, it is possible to use colored lights without making your tree or home look bad.

One thing to do when decorating with colored Christmas lights is to limit where you put those colored lights. For outdoors, you should use only some colored lights and some white lights. This can keep the colors from seeming too overwhelming to passersby. For example, you can hang white icicle lights all around the eve of your home, and use a strand of colored lights for the trees in your yard. Any combination of white and colored lights is often a good idea outside, as long as there isn’t too much color.

On a Christmas tree, if you want to use multi-colored lights, you may not want to have too many ornaments on the tree. With fake icicles, colored lights, and many ornaments, a tree can appear less than gorgeous. Instead, you should limit the amount of ornaments on the tree when using colored lights.

Another way to keep colored lights from seeming too overwhelming is to use at least some solid-colored lights. Christmas trees often look very pretty when color coordinated or color-limited. By picking one of the two main Christmas colors as a theme for your tree (red or green), you can keep the tree looking mellow while adding color. Or, you can pick one of these colors for the lights and have the rest of the tree not be limited. Many people prefer to go with red and white/silver for their tree. In this situation you could use a traditional green tree or you could choose a fake white tree. With red lights, silver and red decorations, and a beautiful tree topper, these trees offer color while looking very classy.

Solid-colored lights don’t have to be limited to indoors, either. You can use a solid strand of green, red, or even blue to decorate outdoors as well. Putting one color on your whole house with a strand of multi-colored lights in the bushes or trees in front can often make your house stand out from the rest of those in the neighborhood (in a good way).

Whatever way you decide to decorate with colored lights, and wherever you decide to place them, the trick to making it look as good as possible is simply moderation. Too many colors in too many places can hurt the eyes and make the decorations appear gaudy. Apply moderation to your colored-lights decorating, and yours will be beautiful.


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