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What Type of Connectors Do I Need For My Outdoor Christmas Lights

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What Type of Connectors Do I Need For My Outdoor Christmas LightsWhen you decorate your landscape and house exterior with festive Christmas lights, you will need plenty of strands, and even different types of lighting. You may choose icicle lights, the standard bulbs, mini lights, rope lights, flashing lights, and any of the other types available on the market. Always plan out the way you want to decorate before you begin; this will eliminate a lot of confusion and frustration.

Pay attention to the type of connectors that the boxes of lights require. Many sets will come packaged with their own connectors. If you need more, simply purchase one of the same kind. Whenever you connect two or more strings of outdoor lights together, always wrap a strip of electrical tape around the plug connections, or tape a plastic bag around them. Not only will this help to prevent the strings from being disconnected, but it will also protect the connections from harsh weather elements.

If you don’t have an outdoor electrical outlet, do not run a cord from the inside of your house to the outside. This can overload the circuit and turn off all the electricity in your home; and a blackout is the last thing you need especially during the holidays! Instead, hire an electrician to install circuits for your outdoor lights.

When you run an extension cord along the ground outside, always use stiff, U shaped wires to stake the cord to the ground. If lying around loose, cords are a safety hazard for people to trip over.

Always keep your outdoor electrical connectors above ground and out of puddles. Each strand should have its own snugly fitting end connector for long runs.

The safest way to connect outdoor Christmas lights is to follow the lighting package instructions, and use the connectors provided. If you do need more, you can read the specifications on the package and find the exact type online or at your local store.

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