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Colored Icicle Lights

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Colored Icicle LightsAre you dreaming of a white Christmas? There are very few people who aren’t, when it comes to the holiday season! People love to foster the holiday spirit by stringing lights wherever possible when December rolls around, and colored icicle lights are an ornamentation growing in popularity!

Originally, clear Icicle lights were developed to simulate the heartwarming scene of a white Christmas, for those areas in which snow is rare. Today, you can find colored icicle lights in many colors, including blue, green, and red. You can see them hung from eaves, fences, railings, gutters, or the decks of homes and businesses. Colored icicle lights are considered by some to be more versatile than the clear type, since they aren’t specifically meant to look like real icicles and are sold in any climate, for both indoor and outdoor decorating. It doesn’t matter if snow isn’t in the forecast; the breathtaking beauty of colored icicle lights will always provide an added glow and festive spirit to your home or office building.

You should keep a few things in mind while setting up your colored icicle lights:

If outlining the edges of your house, remember to attach colored icicle lights not only from the roof, but also from windows and valences to balance the appearance. Another tip from experienced colored icicle light users and observers is to keep the string closer together than the advertised length. Spreading out the set of colored icicles to its max will look strange, so for the best lighting effect, use a few feet less.

It’s extremely important to only use the colored icicle lights specifically manufactured for outside use while you decorate outside. Outdoor colored Icicle lights are more durable and designed for wet weather than are indoor Christmas lights.

Hang your colored icicle lights outside where they are not hanging near any overhead power lines leading to your house.

Both for the sake of your electric bill, and for the conservation of energy, buy a timed photoelectric switch system. Whether mechanical or digital, these are invaluable during the Christmas season. It’s simple, just set the system to turn on the lights at dusk and off at a pre-selected time. There’s no need for electricity to be wasted during daylight hours! These timers are great both for outdoor colored icicle lights and indoor lights, including those on the Christmas tree!


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