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Christmas Tree Lights

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Christmas Tree LightsIt wasn’t long after Edison flicked the switch of the first light bulb that Christmas tree lights began to adorn the branches of evergreens in American living rooms. The holiday season represents hope, salvation and guidance to many people, and thus any source of light is a popular symbol for Christmas.

Our history with the festive, heartwarming twinkle of Christmas tree lights has developed in much the same way as other technologies. From simple to complex!

Albet Sadacca is given most of the credit for popularizing Christmas tree lights. After the tragic 1917 fire in New York City caused by so many highly flammable trees being lit with candles, the young man at 15 years of age suggested it to his family. Eventually, the company that he started with his two brothers became the largest Christmas lighting company in the world. Today it is called NOMA Electric Company.

The generic type of Christmas tree lights originally sold 30 or 40 years ago were 120-volt incandescent bulbs. Today, these older “big-bulb” multi colored strands are still more expensive than the popular mini lights, and they consume much more power. They also generate a strong amount of heat; however, a huge advantage to the 120-volt bulb system is that it’s set up parallel, so one bulb failure doesn’t effect the whole strand. Anyone who has struggled with a whole string of dark Christmas tree lights will appreciate this convenient benefit.

Introduced in the 1970’s, mini Christmas tree lights are the most popular type of lighted strand available on the market. Each strand is composed of 2.5volt incandescent bulbs: much less electricity is needed to keep these brightly lit! Always check that all bulbs are tightly fastened in their sockets. A bulb that is burned out will not turn the whole strand dark, but a bulb separated from its socket will break the circuit and turn all the bulbs off.

Today you can even find LED light bulbs. These don’t generate any heat at all, thus making it a safer choice for homes with young children.

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