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Christmas Tree Ideas

See our selection of Christmas Tree Ideas.

Traditions for Christmas decorating vary as widely as the homes from which they originate. Some people go to a local tree farm each season and cut down their own tree, while others go down to the basement and unpack their artificial one. There are some families whom are able to set up a 12 foot tree in their vaulted living room, while others make do with a mini holiday tree on the coffee table.

Depending on your own economic and living situation, there are many Christmas tree ideas that you can make use of. Traditions evolve over the years as lifestyles change, so if you find yourself in a new scenario this holiday, here are some unique Christmas tree ideas to help! Festive as ever, yet with a little spice of variety, these Christmas tree ideas may be the start of something special which you continue for years to come!

1. Decorate a tree, whether large or big, artificial or real, with a few bags of Christmas edition candy. Especially when first starting out on your own, trying to buy all your decorations at once is extremely expensive. This idea makes cleanup much easier, and you can snack off the tree along with your guests this Christmas! With wire ornament hangers, simply attach the candy wrappers around the tree. Put a string of lights around the tree, and the light will dance off the candy wrappers with a beautiful and stunning simplicity. Now you won’t have to put away the ornaments when Christmas over!

2. Pick a certain color for your Christmas tree. For example, a beautiful theme is golden stars. Use golden ornaments, and gold tinsel to set off the light of the holidays. Or, a modern day theme is blue and silver. Trees are simply beautiful decorated with these colors!

3. Use a small white Christmas tree, and turn it into Frost, or an elf, Santa or a reindeer with a simple craft idea. Take felt and fabric cutouts for the eyes, nose, top hat, scarf, etc.

4. This is one of the most creative Christmas ideas that you can make use of on a very small budget. With a little bit of time and creativity, you will have a unique Christmas tree in any size you want!


  • A dry tree branch—the size is up to you. Make sure it can fit through your house doors.
  • White paint (either liquid or aerosol)
  • Gold and silver paint (optional)
  • Old newspapers
  • Cotton wool
  • Rocks, stones or pebbles to secure the tree
  • a container to hold the tree upright (bucket or old paint tin)

What to do:

  • Do this project outdoors and use old clothes!
  • Take off all leaves from the tree branch.
  • Lay out old newspapers on the grass or concrete, and put the tree branch onto them. Spray or brush on the white paint all over the tree branch. Let it dry. You may need to put on up to three coats.
  • After painting the last layer, you can sprinkle glitter here and there on the branches. Silver and/or gold glitter look the best, but don’t overdo it! Just a hint of glitter.
  • For the container that you are going to put the branch into, you can either paint it gold, silver or white as well. But if is something you don’t want to paint, you can cover it with Christmas wrapping paper. Line tinsel along the top ridge for added affect!
  • Once your tree has dried, hold it upright in the center of the container. Then, put rocks in around the base, enough so that the tree will be supported enough on its own.
  • Depending on how large the tree branch is and how many other branches are stemming from it, you can put many of your ornaments and even lights on it!
  • Throw bits over the tips of the tree to look like snow.

Have a Merry Christmas!

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