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Christmas Traditions

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As the holiday season approaches, there are several different frames of mind in which people find themselves. The simple facts are of course the same for everyone—on the streets you can observe lights along storefronts, business buildings and homes. The popular color schemes in retail environments are red, white and green, purple and gold, and blue and silver. Santa appears all over the town. Some of us receive a Christmas card or two in the mail. Traffic becomes more congested.

But what makes the holiday season enjoyable for most of us are Christmas traditions. The above observations are cultural and marketing Christmas traditions, but families, couples and individuals have their own personal Christmas traditions that make the holiday a true celebration.

As time goes on and years pass, Christmas traditions go through transformations just as do lifestyles. While a young couple used to set up a small tree on Christmas Eve, and place a few presents underneath that were secretly bought during the past few weeks, now they have their children help string outdoor Christmas lights all over the roof and eaves, put up the tree right after Thanksgiving, and start Christmas months early! A college student, whom right now spends a mere two dollars on a set of Christmas lights for his dorm and sends Christmas cards to his parents, will someday fork out thousands to light up his business chain every season, and take his parents out for a hundred dollar meal at the most beautiful and fancy restaurant in town.

Thus, Christmas traditions evolve along with the people that keep them. Next holiday may call for a completely different schedule than this one. But never fear, this time of year can never be dull or lacking in joy, if you find ways to give and cheer. Here are some alternative Christmas traditions that can extend beyond the typical scenario. Bring more to December than a severely smaller wallet and a gorge of Christmas presents!

· Advent. Light a candle for each new Sunday of December. You can find short, simple readings for each Sunday of Advent, to give festive food for thought to your family every new week. There are online sources as well as books and articles available in stores.

· Poetry or quotes. There are few of us who can’t appreciate wise words put beautifully. Find quotes that you think each of your family members and friends would like. Write them a poem or find one that would speak to them quite uniquely. Then print or write it out, roll the paper into a scroll, tie a festive ribbon round it, and you will be amazed how welcoming and appreciated this gift can be!

· The twelve days of Christmas! Do something kind each day of Christmas, and write the deed on a note. Fold the paper up, and place it in a beautiful, festive box near the Christmas tree. As each family adds their selfless acts of the season, you will have a collection of kindnesses that you gave to the world around you for Christmas!



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