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Christmas Light Safety

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Christmas Light SafetyEvery year hundreds of people are injured by Christmas lights. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent repairing damage caused by these festive decorations. Christmas lights are a fun part of the holidays but they can pose some serious risks. Christmas light safety procedures should always be followed when putting these bright holiday decorations on display. People are at risk for life threatening falls if they do not take care when hanging lights. Once they are safely up, though, they can pose as a fire and/or electrical shock hazard if they are not cared for properly.

If you watch the news during the holiday season, you are bound to hear of at least a couple of serious injuries that occurred while putting up Christmas lights. Frosty weather and rooftops do not go together very well. When putting up outdoor lights it is best to do it on a sunny, dry day. Daylight hours are best. If possible, avoid standing on the roof at all. It can be very slippery during this time of year. Make sure to use a sturdy ladder that is well balanced. Have a spotter nearby who can help you if you get yourself in a pickle.

Getting the lights up safely is only half of the battle. Anytime those lights are plugged in and turned on, there is a fire hazard. You can minimize the danger by taking safety precautions. The following tips will protect you, your family and your home from fires and/or electrical shock.

  • Before plugging light strands in, check for cracked sockets and frayed, loose or bare wires. Replace old and worn lights.
  • Make sure that you do not connect too many strings end to end. You can usually connect up to three strands without any problems. Any more than that and you are asking for trouble.
  • Turn off all Christmas lights before going to bed at night or leaving home. Unless, of course, you want to return to a pile of ashes and soot.
  • Unplug light strands before replacing any bulbs or fuses to protect you from electric shock.
  • Purchase a fresh tree or an artificial one that has been sprayed with flame retardant.
  • Consider using mini lights. They are the safest type of Christmas light because they produce the least amount of heat.

Following Christmas light procedures will help to ensure your family’sg safety during the holidays. Doing so could even save your life.


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