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Christmas Decorating Ideas

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There is no end to the variety of ways you can prepare for the holidays. And it doesn’t need to cost you a fortune, either! There are things in your own home that can contribute to seasonal décor. Have fun with holiday decorating—it isn’t supposed to be a stressful activity! Simply revel in these happy times and let your creativity spark as it pleases. Here are some fun and festive Christmas decorating ideas!

Low voltage, mini rope light is inexpensive and can be used to create holiday scenes in your window. Shape lights into the nativity scene, Santa, a snow man or any other holiday outline!

  • If you have pinecones available outside, go for a walk and collect several. You can place them in a glass bowl or basket. Spray them with a cheerful, holiday scent like gingerbread, vanilla or cinnamon. You can even have your kids help by using colored glues to do dot the ends and “branches” of the pinecones. Sparkle glitter onto the cones, or glue beads and strings of yarn. This one of the favorite Christmas decorating ideas for children because it is also fun!
  • Connect pinecones in groups of three with ribbon, and place them on doorknobs, railings, shelves and tables.
  • Most families eventually acquire a large store of ornaments over the years. You can recycle the old or broken ones by placing them in a glass bowl or basket. Place it on a coffee table, speaker, bookshelf or counter.
  • Collect evergreen branches from outside and place them on bookshelves, hearths, and any other surfaces you want to decorate. This will fill your home with a nice, fresh piney scent!
  • Candles are a very popular item for Christmas decorating ideas. Luckily, they are a relatively inexpensive item to buy from the store! Experiment with different places and holders in which to place candles. Choose all different shapes and sizes of glasses, jars, and actual candle holders. Place a candle on a mirror or glass table and let its illumination flicker around the room!
  • Hang mini lights around your window or mirror for a fun and glimmering look. This is a simple way to cheer up the room.
  • For an outside decorating idea, use large crates of all sizes and cover them with foil or wax wrapping paper. Put bows on them! You can even dabble them with outdoor lights. Use all different sizes and lean them against each other in creative ways to look like a pile of presents.
  • Hang homemade or store-bought wreaths on each door, especially the front and back ones leading from your house.
  • Stuff old socks, either Christmas themed or normal, with batting or wadded up paper. Put a ribbon hoop in one corner, then sew the top closed. Hang them with yarn or ribbon along the wall, shelf or mantle. You can use ribbons, colored glues, or sprigs of holly and pine needles to decorate the socks if you wish.
  • Hang icicle lights from a balcony or rooftop. These are a great holiday decorating idea because they are wintry and festive!


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