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Christmas (stress free)

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Christmas (stress free)Christmas time is a time of joy and happiness; at least that is what is supposed to be. But, most ordinary people would admit that it can also be a hectic time filled with stress and rushing. The good news is that there are some simple things you can do to relieve stress and create a joyful and memorable holiday.

Planning can be your best defense against chaos during the holiday season. Plan everything! Sit down with your family and discuss the activities and events you would like to participate in. Fill in the calendar to help you to remember the dates and times of those activities. Plan out your gift list. Plan out your meals. The more planning you do beforehand, the more prepared and less stressed you will be.

Once you have decided on possible activities for you and your family, prioritize them. You must be realistic with your time. When it comes to Christmas activities, there is an endless list for you to choose from. You can’t possibly do them all. Even trying to attempt such a feat can suck the joy out of even the jolliest of people. Choose those activities that you and your family really enjoy the most. If you have done things in the past out of obligation more than your own personal satisfaction, consider dropping them from your agenda this year. This should be a time of memory making, not a time of dreaded obligations.

Even with the most organized agenda, Christmas shopping is often an unavoidable drudgery. Even the shopping can be a joyful part of your holiday experience, though, with a little forethought. Start with a realistic budget. Overspending is often the biggest cause of stress during the holiday season. This stress is one that is bound to last through the New Year if you overspend. So take the time to figure out how much you can spend all together and then allot appropriate amounts to the people on your list. Once you have an idea on how much you can spend on each gift, brainstorm gift ideas that fall into that range. Consider giving family gifts as opposed to gifts for each individual member.

Even knowing your budget and sticking to it cannot do anything to tame the holiday crowds. Try to go shopping when it is not so busy. Early mornings and late nights are a great time to get a lot accomplished with less of a crowd. The stores are usually not as busy in the middle of the week either. Aim to get out at one of those times and you will be able to get a lot more accomplished with your time.

Remember to involve your family in the holiday festivities and preparation. Your kids will love to be a part of it all. Let them help with some of your to-do list and you both will be happier for it. Most kids would love the opportunity to decorate the tree or wrap Christmas presents for you. That makes one less thing for you to worry about and gives you more time to experience the joy that this wonderful season has to offer.

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