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How To Buy Outdoor Christmas Lights

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How To Buy Outdoor Christmas LightsThe holiday season is here! Many people are considering what decorations to set up this year, how far to go, and how to buy outdoor Christmas lights to best compliment both landscape and home.

If you are wanting to bring a heightened atmosphere of festivity to your home, you should definitely know the basics on how to buy outdoor Christmas lights. Some people are simply shopping for some new strands to replace those that went dark last year. Others are preparing to light up their house for the first time! Everyone considering purchasing these wonderful holiday accoutrements should brush up on the basics of how to buy outdoor lights.

Here are the things you should keep in mind!

  • How much length will you need? Measure out the surface where you want to put up the lights. When you are choosing the new outdoor Christmas lights, make sure you know how many strands you can safely connect together. And how long each strand is. This information will be included in the product’s details.
  • Where are your outlets? If you have no power source outside and conveniently positioned near the area you are decorating, it may behoove you to hire an electrician. Ask him to put one or two outlets in your eaves. Make sure he puts in a switch, so you don’t need to unplug the lights each time to turn them off.
  • Never connect an outdoor lighting system with an extension cord to an indoor outlet. This can result in a blackout throughout your whole house. But if you do need to use extension cords to your outdoor outlet, make sure the cords are made to withstand outdoor elements.
  • You should probably put up a timer to efficiently conserve your electricity and keep your bill at an acceptable amount!
  • Now comes the fun part! The whole reason that people research how to buy outdoor Christmas lights is that they want to make their house look great and in season! First you need to think about what color you like and looks good on your house. Colored or white? Red, blue, green? Do you want mini lights, icicle lights or pearls? Full size lights that have been the standard for decades (C-7 or C-9) are meant for the outdoors and run at 125 or 175 watts per string. They are brighter and last longer than mini lights, but are more of a fire hazard. Mini lights won’t build up as much heat, and the smaller, pin pointed twinkle has now become a popular look.
  • If you only purchase a limited length of strands, focus on one or two areas of light, rather than trying to spread out a few lights across the whole yard. A concentrated brightness looks better than a few dots trying to reach here and there.
  • Have fun! The smartest tips on how to buy outdoor Christmas lights involve both safety and joy. Season’s tidings!


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