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Buying A Real Christmas Tree

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O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum!

As December draws near, families all over the country will prepare their homes to include the beloved holiday tradition known as the Christmas tree. And as consumers are offered more choices, the debate between artificial and real Christmas trees grows each year. Children beg for a real one while parents and grandparents prefer the convenience of plastic branches that neither shed needles over the carpet nor require trimming and watering.

Some of us simply can’t give up the wonderful fragrance, and fresh feeling of a real pine. The benefits are plenty, if you want to celebrate the holidays in the true traditional sense!

In regards to this annual decision, there are some misconceptions about the environmental benefits of artificial trees. Many people believe that by putting up a plastic tree each new season, they are helping to save forests of evergreens. However, there are hardly any fresh Christmas trees sold that aren’t grown specifically for this traditional purpose. Generally, they are tended to on plots of land that otherwise wouldn’t have such productive growth, since evergreens can grow in soil that won’t nourish other crops. Therefore, soil is strengthened and used to its greatest potential in a Christmas tree lot, especially since there are three seedlings planted for each mature tree harvested.

Also, each acre of Christmas tree growth produces the daily oxygen needs of 18 people. And since there are Christmas tree plots in every single state, even Hawaii and Alaska, approximately one million acres of the United States is giving oxygen for 18 million people every single day!

And also, many people are concerned about the fire hazard of a real Christmas tree. In actuality, if you keep the tree watered, it is not any more flammable than a plastic one. And, if a real Christmas tree does burn, it will not issue toxic fumes into the atmosphere as does an artificial tree.

So, purchasing a pre-cut tree or going to a cut-your-own lot poses no harm to the environment.

There are a couple things that you’ll need to do though, to maintain the health of the tree and the safety of everyone in the household. First of all, when you bring the fresh tree home, cut an inch off the base of its trunk to open a fresh grain that will take in water. Place the tree in a bucket of warm water, either in a garage or shed, away from the wind and cold. Allow it to soak until you bring the tree indoors.

In whichever room you choose to display this beautiful, pine-smelling tree, make sure that it has a sturdy stand which holds plenty of water and will keep the tree from falling over. Consistent watering will keep the tree from drying out and dropping its needles, and maintains the fragrance. Check the water level often, making sure the base of the tree is always covered.

While you are trimming the tree’s branches to suit your aesthetic taste, make sure to trim the lower branches sufficiently as to avoid eye injuries to small children. Make sure to hang lights before anything else. And also, hang the breakable ornaments or those that look like treats, higher on the tree so that the little ones can’t reach them.

If you are buying a real Christmas tree this season, you can be assured of the joy and festive spirit it will bring to your household!


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