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Awning Lights

Awning LightsAwning lights add a nice ambiance to your outdoor get-togethers. There are so many variations of these decorative lights, that you are sure to find something that looks great. String lights are great for a whimsical and festive look. They can be either a string of bulbs themselves or lighted figures such as snowmen, dragonflies or anything else that suits your fancy.

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Flickering Christmas Lights
Flickering Christmas lights add a fun, whimsical look to your holiday decorating. Kids especially love them and are fascinated with the glow and movement of them. These cheerful lights look great strung on a Christmas tree or wrapped into a holiday wreath. They usually have a box attached to them that allows you to control the speed of their flickering.

Mini Christmas Lights
Mini Christmas lights are perfect for decorating Christmas trees. Their small size looks elegant on your tree. All that you will see is the light and not the outline of the bulb. These holiday lights look great intertwined in a wreath as well.

Commercial Christmas Lights
Commercial Christmas lights put off a brighter glow than typical lights do. Businesses often need stronger decorative lights because they have to compete with all of the business lighting that exists year-round. They come in various colors and have bigger bulbs than traditional mini lights. These heavy duty lights work indoors and out and work well for home use too.

Outdoor lights
We have the most modern and festive selection of outdoor lights that you will find anywhere! Take time to pick the best outdoor lights that match your home and landscaping décor. You can choose from a variety of colors and lighting styles. We carry high quality outdoor lights to brighten up your season and beat the competition in your neighborhood!
Outdoor Christmas lights

Christmas lights
Technology has advanced since the first electrically lit Christmas tree in 1882, and today the choices for types of Christmas lights abound. You can find flashing, globe, colored, icicle Christmas lights and much more. Whichever style of Christmas lights you are looking for, we can help inform and provide you with the best Christmas lights in the whole neighborhood! Enjoy the warm glow and comforting twinkle of our amazing selection of Christmas lights.

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